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windwithme 8th July 2005 14:08

AMD Athlon64 X2 4800+ Dual Core Basic Test
Many days passed after post FX57 and 4600+.
Windwithme shows you AMD Athlon64 X2 4800+.
The AMD top version of dual core, 2.4G 1MB cache.

Lets look back the pictures it takes with FX57.
They are the 2 most hi-end CPU.

Test Configuration
AMD Athlon64 X2 4800+ 2.4G 1MB
GSkill 1GBFF
Sunnystone new water cooler + dual fan heat pipe + Eheim 1250 motor

This time I used Sunnystone water cooler and DFI nF4. The temperature shows correctly.

The room temperature shows 33 degree C, and 27 degree C under air condition.

In default setting, 2.4G 1MB cache, the voltage is only 1.26V.
Only run SUPER PI and CPUMARK, they are not dual core supported. The performance is the same level with 4000+ and FX53 2.4G 1MB single core.

OC to 2.7G in 1.36V, one of the core is worse.
PS: Then I found in SP2004 both select CPU0, and the CPU utilization is 100%.
SP2004 modify to CPU0 and CPU1, the result is the same, the CPU utilization is 100% but another core cannot run long time.

But 1.36V 2.7G SUPER PI 32M finished.

Lets test dual core CPU supported graphics software next.

Single core 2.7G 1MB is 68.9 seconds
Dual core2.7G 1MB is 36.8 seconds

What¡¦s the next item to test?
The cheapest dual core CPU 4200+?!

Today my home has a new air conditioner. It makes my mood great..........

Sidney 8th July 2005 15:21


Today my home has a new air conditioner. It makes my mood great..........
More headroom for overclocking:)

Did you get my email?

kristos 8th July 2005 17:25

looking good :)

Rutar 8th July 2005 18:29

2.4 to 2.7 with water :(

How much do volts help?

kristos 8th July 2005 23:20

2.7 @ 1.360v really is nothing to complain about in my humble opinion.

Rutar 8th July 2005 23:40

For a 2.4 chip on water?

good is a 2 GHz chip going to 2.8

The Senile Doctor 9th July 2005 05:39

windwith me just wants to put anything to 9*300, that's all he wants :)

kristos 9th July 2005 15:41


Originally posted by Rutar
For a 2.4 chip on water?

good is a 2 GHz chip going to 2.8

like that mathers. look at the winchesters and venices and san diegos, the overclock achieved has absolutely nothing to do with the speed bin.

I bet that if they'd make a 1.8gig X2, it would still do about 2.7gig on the same V

Rutar 9th July 2005 18:37

I may remind you that the late low end Winchester cores didn't clock all that well compared to the first ones.

Seing as the 4800 doesn't overclock that much, it could very well be that they have sufficent bad clockers to deliver a low end X2. For the normal user, it doesn't matter anyway.

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