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windwithme 2nd April 2007 08:38

AM2 fire red with high value board Ė MSI K9N4 SLI overclock dessert
The cheapest dual core processor must be the AMD Athlon X2 3600+.
AM2 X2 3600+ comes with 65nm procedure and 2*512K L2 cache.
It also have lower power consumption and higher overclock range. The most
point is with low cost to fight the market!
Because of the cheap boards with cheap dual core processors, AMD platform
become more popular when consumers wants to build up their own PC system
The price in Taiwan is about $80USD with X2 3600+ in end of March.
Then, the low cost with high overclock ability motherboards should become
the first pick when build a PC system.
Letís take a look on our star: MSI K9N4 SLI with $90USD valued price.
The BOX design

The accessories.

The motherboard~

Down left side placement.
2X PCI-E X16

Down right side
Red button is Clear CMOS button.
4 SATA ports.

Up left side.
The DRAM slot, same channel with same color. Use different color to be dual
2 IDE ports to have better expansions.

Up right side
The PWM design around CPU socket.

IO ports

Active heatsink FAN, itís good for high heat NV chipsets.

windwithme 2nd April 2007 08:39

BIOS main adjust page.

CPU FSB range: 200~425MHz

Multiply selection 5x~9.5x

DRAM option: 400/533/667/800

CPU second voltage +0.05~0.35V

DDRII voltage: 1.8~2.45V

DRAM adjust options.

HT adjust is in main page left side.

Temp and voltage monitor page.

windwithme 2nd April 2007 08:40

Test setup platform
CPU:AMD AM2 Athlon64 X2 3600+
DRAM:CORSAIR Dominator TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF
HD:Seagate 7200.7 160GB
POWER:Corsair HX620W Modular Power Supply
Cooler:TT Big Typhoon VX


315.7X9.5=>3000Mhz 1.408V
SP2004 loading test can over 30 minutes.

1.432V SP2004 stable over 1 hour.

The FSB limited.

Letís take a look on DRAM
預設值下BIOS選DDRII 800
Default BIOS setting with DDRII 800(AM2 issue,
.5 or X10 multiply will auto divide)

DDRII 1022 CL4 4-4-9 2.2V stable.
Seems itís the limited, more voltage and higher CL numbers didnít work to
higher frequency.

ELSA GLADIAC 790GS PH2 560/1500Mhz

3000Mhz DDRII 600 CL3 3-3-9 1T Super PI 32M

EVEREST shows the chipset is nForce500SLI, so as MSI formal website.
But CPU-Z shows itís nForce4 chipser?!

According to my test stuff, conclusion with MSI K9N4 SLI
1.Cheap price, packing and accessories is enough.
2.Over 330FSB ability, also good on voltage adjust.
3.Support SLI technology directly.
4.2 IDE ports, good for old IDE components users.
1. BIOS overclock adjust needs some improvement. DRAM overclock limited
needs to be over DDRII 1066 or higher.

MSI K9N4 SLI is good enough, according to itís value and overclock ability,
the $90USD under street price, comes with SLI ready and 2 IDE ports will
also be the plus. If BIOS can enhance with DRAM ability to have better
overclock range, we believe this could be great option to the market on AM2
Coming soon: CORSAIR TWIN2XS2048-10000C5DF
DDRII 1250, the fastest DDRII products in the market this moment. (Not paper launch!)


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