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WeldZilla 30th October 2006 22:56

7900GT V-Mod.. It works
I performed the Circuit writer Mod and the pencil mod last friday on my E-VGA 7900 "Reloaded" card. Before the mod I could bench easily at 622/920. Everything ran nice and smooth. I was happy to score around 160,000 on aquamark. But then I decided to get greedy and yes I wanted more!!! And this weekend I broke and re-broke the Single Card 7900GT world record for Aquamark 3 probably around 16 times. And in the early pre-dawn hours this morning I absolutley crushed the record. The new World record is 184,116!! My Card clocks were 721/1000! My name is on the left side of the record on the BOT . I made the top 5 Hall of Fame in AQMK3, 3D03 and 3D06
Not too bad for 5 minutes of modding. Oh my temps this morning they were 30C at idle and 51C after running nature on 3D03. It took 2m 34s for it's temps top return to 30C after the run. Right now it is mid day and warmer out and my idle temp is 35C this is with stock cooling although my whole system cooling solution is very effective.

Have a look.

Verifications at the benchmark section.....
I say give it a shot!! If you do not like the outcome get a arts and crafts little razor knife or just a razor blade and scrape just a small gap in the pen lines you draw to cut the circuit and wash the pencil lead off with some alcohol. Hey this is really a case of nothing ventured nothing gained.This card was the best $236 purchase I have made on a piece of hardware!! you want to talk about bang for the buck!!
Here in the States the Circuit Writer pens are readily available at Radio Shack for under $7 including sales tax. So it is cheap to try

Here is a link For the mod....

Good luck With the mod and the usual disclaimer
If you screw it up don't go crying to anyone except your mother!!
It's all on you!!

Now give it a shot, it is that simple.
Any questions? Shoot....
Want the links let me know I will provide them.


jmke 31st October 2006 10:21

make sure your BACKSIDE of the VGA card is properly cooled, the voltage regulators can get very hot and can destroy the card if they overheat... just a friendly advice;)

WeldZilla 31st October 2006 18:04

you know I only had one that was getting hot at all so I stuck a HS on it and that was that. you know if I shorten this cards life a bit it is ok as I look forward the the 8800 before too long. I got to tell you though. I think it will hold up for a long time simply because it runs so cool.


jmke 31st October 2006 19:07

the 7900GT series is known for completely failing due to overheating of the volt regulators, that's why I mention it ;)

it happened on models which came factory overclocked/overvolted

WeldZilla 31st October 2006 22:15

Speaking from experience??

jmke 31st October 2006 23:45

research;) 67

WeldZilla 1st November 2006 04:41

Well you can sit back and be cautious and careful, Hey you could even get a nice Dell or HP. Or you could justify calling your self a Mad anything or and Xtreme or a Bleedin and mod and clock your hardware right to the edge. Why have a BOT if no one wants to push their equipment to the top of it. This is not the first time I have pushed my system to the top of it's class in Aquamark. It happened back in late 2004 too and it feels great to get there again. If the equipment falters at least I can say it was the fastest 7900GT card in the WORLD!!! on Aquamark. Trust me the sales this will help me generate in custom systems makes it more than worth it!! you know back in early 2004 when I was running my 2.4C SL6Z3 and 3637mhz 24/7 throwing 1.725 volts at it people used to warn me about SNDS like I never heard of it. Well let me tell you that 2.4C is still alive and well today and running just fine. It is now in an Air cooled system running at 3000mhz 24/7. As is my 3.0c that ran Daily @ 4037mhz It is now a work horse running on air at 3750 daily for a media company on the otherside of the state. My 3.2 Prescott that everyone said ran so hot ran daily at 4400mhz and still runs daily today at 4200mhz on Air. I build many systems every year. Every one that goes out my door is Overclocked!! If you don't want it OC'd you can't buy one from me. I know a little about research. When I started if you wanted more system memory you had to solder it in. Which is where I really got my start. Word got out that I was good at it.
The reast as they say is history.

Oh by the way there Weld Congrats on a WR nice to see you update it too!!!


WeldZilla 2nd December 2006 18:14

Well it has been well over a month now with this mod and the card is still performing perfectly. Virtually all the scores you see here have fallen. so I can say this is a worthwhile mod to perform. I am still just using the stock cooling. I do have better than excellent airflow through my case. If you have very good case flow then give it a try. If the card has a problem I will report back and let you know.


WeldZilla 16th January 2007 03:09

Just a little update
The card is still running smooth and EXTREMELY Fast!!! :woot:
The mod has to now be considered a complete success as nearly 3 months have passed.


jmke 16th January 2007 10:07

he's already regged;)

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