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Jerre 22nd July 2011 01:52

6600gt Ddr3 Agp
What's wrong with these guys scoring way higher then my setup... Am i missing something?

Massman 22nd July 2011 08:49


Are you using LOD ?

Jerre 22nd July 2011 10:27

not yet, google helped ;) I'll try that for starters.

jmke 22nd July 2011 11:11

older drivers, rivatuner, advanced settings, change Lod Min/Max values, LOD the crap out of the drivers; see a nice boost :)

Jerre 22nd July 2011 20:46

Guess CPU-bottleneck: tried LOD-settings, D3Doverride, order of the tests, modereate speedbump of 300'ish marks. Ah well, more time to game then ;)

Gamer 23rd July 2011 23:32

182.50 drivers could help, but you need more CPU power.
Lod 5 is about the best setting.

Btw, your submissions are not good, you need to show GPU-Z and the details of your runs.

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