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RichBa5tard 10th June 2002 03:14

4500W Chiller
Damn, "fugger" @icrontic went totally bananas and bought this puppy:

This R134a cooler has a power drain of 4500Watts! :o
Thake that little vapo! :D I'd love to see this in action...


4500 watt, 15000btu/h, 19.6 amps 1/4hp,type 2 coolant

5c with dionized water
-15c with type 2 coolant (Ethylyne Glycol) -50c thermostat settable on front panel. does 134A go that low?
4.3GP/M turbine pump
6 gallon capacity, nickle brazed heat exchanger
37db noise level
RS232 connection and windows monitoring software
R134A coolant

jASjE 10th June 2002 08:34

very nice, now it's just waiting for results..
but I wonder how he's gonna install it to his socket :/

The Senile Doctor 10th June 2002 10:31

could be quite a disappointment...

fredperry 10th June 2002 13:33

R134a is made for medium temperatures, I think -40C is lowest, but the 4500w means it'll keep the fluid on that point
but that's my guess, I'm no expert ;)

DUR0N 10th June 2002 13:34


Originally posted by calantak
could be quite a disappointment...

he is skilled, and has a good stepping, all should be fine (right?)

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