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eva2000 17th April 2004 19:00

3.4C - First H20 cooled system ever (Hydrocool)
Being a lazy bugger, a custom DIY water cooling setup would be too much work to maintain while changing boards/systems etc. So i decided to grab a Corsair Hydrocool external kit seeing as many have had good experiences with the kit.

Uploaded the pics at

Took me a while to figure out where to place HC200 unit so decided to use a chair besides the mobile utility trolley pc setup (i'll post pics later)

I used Ceramique thermal paste since it's non-conductive. I did a test mount, and to my surprise when i tried to remove the cold block to see the cpu imprint on the cold block to see how well it contacted, i found out that the cold block was stuck to the cpu! Eventually pulled the cpu out of the cpu socket stuck to the cold block :eek:

I find this happens more when using aluminium heatsinks such as my Igloo 4300 100% aluminium fin HSF as well. Luckily there was no damaged cpu pins .. phew!

Reapplied some ceramique paste and reinstalled the cold block. Booted pc and I love the temps I'm seeing :)

Results with room temp at 28.5C - 28.8C

P4 3.4C default 1.55v vcore in bios
Abit AI7 16beta 1 bios
2x 512MB KHX3200/512
80GB WD 800JB
550W Antec TrueControl PSU
Win2k Pro SP4

HC200 cooled

At boot in bios
cpu idle = 39-41C
system idle = 29C
pwm idle = 34-35C

At boot HC200 display = 28.5C - 29C

In Windows
cpu idle = 39-41C
system idle = 29-30C
pwm idle = 34-35C

2x Prime95 v23.8
cpu load = 45C
system load = 31C
pwm load = 47C

HC200 Display under prime load = 31C - 31.5C
1. On average at stock P4 3.4C speed and vcore, HC200 water cooling reduced my cpu idle and load temps by 4-6C compared to my previous air cooled setup of Swiftech MCX478-V with 80x38mm Delta 80cfm fan on high speed. :cool:

2. HC200 displayed idle and load temps are ~10C and 14C, respectively lower than actual reported bios/board temps at stock 3.4C speeds and vcore.

3. Best so far is 3.4C@3915mhz at 1.75v vcore - according to 3.4C @ 3915mhz @ 1.75v vcore with 30C case and 50C cpu load temps is around 130W heat output and 0.153 C/W

idle temps @ 3915mhz

Hydrocool 200 oc'd results

* Results with room temp increased to 30C :rolleyes:

P4 3.4C @220fsb 1.725v vcore in bios (1.66-1.68v idle real vcore)
Abit AI7 16beta 1 bios
2x 512MB KHX3200/512
80GB WD 800JB
550W Antec TrueControl PSU
Win2k Pro SP4

* according to 3.4C@3743mhz is outputting 114.83W of heat

HC200 cooled

At boot HC200 display = 30.5C

In Windows
cpu idle = 41-45C fluctuating
system idle = 30C
pwm idle = 36-37C

2x Prime95 v23.8
cpu load = 49C
system load = 32C
pwm load = 56C

HC Display @ load = 33C

C/W idle = (45-30)/114.83W = 0.1301
C/W load = (49-30)/114.83W = 0.1586

With Hydrocool 200, so far been able to gain 5-8fsb over air cooling :)

idle temps @ 3408mhz

Gamer 17th April 2004 21:02

welcome to the forum.

jmke 17th April 2004 21:22

how would you evaluate the noise from the Corsair hydrocool?

I found the 120mm to be noisier then some of the 120mm fans I have lying around.

eva2000 18th April 2004 02:53

thanks Gamer :)

jmke, i normally use 120x38mm delta 190cfm fans with my air cooling or 92x38mm 120cfm fans or 80x38mm delta 80cfm all music to most people's ears :) So i'd have to say Hydrocool's fan on Turbo mode is pretty quiet for me :D

jmke 18th April 2004 03:05

you clearly haven't discovered "silent computing" yet, your time will come ;)

I'm working towards it, but main rig is still far too loud for most the [M]adshrimps here, if I understood their reactions correctly every time they entered my room and complained about noise ;)

Sidney 18th April 2004 06:07


clearly haven't discovered "silent computing" yet, your time will come.
Can't agree more.

eva2000 18th April 2004 15:10

silent computing what's that ? i have a 92x38mm sunon 120cfm and adaptor strapped to the back of my Shuttle SB61G2 XPC mini case hehe

here's the latest prime progress nearing the 8hr prime95 v23.8 mark

jmke 18th April 2004 15:37

instead of running 3.8ghz with 120cfm fan, run 3.6ghz using a 38cm fan :)

that's silent computing, the 200Mhz difference on a P4 rig won't be noticable during everday use

eva2000 18th April 2004 18:55

problem here in Brisbane Australia is ambient temps are pretty high - last month av room temp was 34-36C... low cfm fans don't do much good hehe

This is the first week in over 3 months i've had night time 4am temps under 28C... right now at 26.5C nice and cool

Some folks are lucky to have out door sub-zero temps hehe

Sidney 18th April 2004 21:32

Intel does not recommend using your computer over 32C room temp, because it has been found inhumane to both men and beasts. There ain't much you can do outdoor at 36C besides sitting in the swimming pool; the question remains why do you turn on the pool heater, i.e. overclocking at this temp.

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