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Da`Hitch 2nd April 2004 05:27

1U Server cooling help required!
A friend of mine has a 1U Server running in his office, which is loud, very loud.

He asked me if there was anything I could to to make it silent.
I said, 'sure, why not'. :)

So now I need to know where I can get silent fans, which produces a lot of airflow, but that are not higher than 4.5cm (which seems to be how high a 1U server is)

any help would be very welcome :)

jmke 2nd April 2004 07:13

most 40mm fans which push a lot of air = loud :)

is the 1U in a rack? if not = dremel + add silent 80mm fans :)

DUR0N 2nd April 2004 08:13

kick those crappy spire thingies out, get some low but decent copper cooler and then drill some holes in the top panel right where the cpu's are.

BlackRabbit 2nd April 2004 09:59

I think I once met him in a lan :) (DenOrbitLan2)

Anyway, why is it in his office? Can't he put it somewhere else?

If he wants to make it quieter, he'll have to use bigger fans => on top of case? => byebye 1U

FreeStyler 2nd April 2004 10:03

A small copper waterblock on the CPU('s) and you can use lower RPM fans to cool the rest.
However, you will need an external rad somewhere, and tubing.
But there are integrated watercooling racks available, so why not.

StaRflaM 10th April 2004 00:29

if it's in a 19" rack putt an spacer in it and instal 80mm fans, and put the small fan's @ 7/5Vols if posible .

and get rid of those loudy CPU coolers, coolermaster has some good flat coolers that are passive !


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