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super_xero 5th October 2005 18:13

10 000 lph pump
would a 10 000 lph hour pump be a good idea fo watre cooling or would teh presure break the tubes

wutske 5th October 2005 20:58

I'm quite shure it will, but I also think 10 000lph won't give good results, becaus the water will flow too fast to absorb much energy.

super_xero 5th October 2005 20:59

so what do u recomend

jort 5th October 2005 21:55

its proved head pressure is more important then flow;)

djivesp 10th November 2005 23:46

+ 10 000lph would be big and noisy as hell! kinda defeating the point (or one of the points) of a watercooling set-up - silence !!! (in my opinion) :P

TeuS 11th November 2005 09:43

such a pump would add too much heat to your closed circuit

the only possible use is when you have (like some guy did) a huge underground water reservoir. the pump was there too. no pump noise, no radiator, and it provided him water that was at about 15C :D

djivesp 11th November 2005 16:37

**:ws:** wow, thats insane !!!

do you have a link to that ?!

*gets out shovel&wellies*

djivesp 11th November 2005 16:45


personally i think a decent head 1000 lph pump is the best balance, between noise, heat output and flow...

i have a small 1000 lph Eheim with about 2M head (submersible), and i can't even hear it!

Use the larger 1/2" tubing and water-blocks, that way even a weakish pump will do fine (500-1000lph) as pressure loss is minimum with less restrictive blocks/tubing/radiators ... - thats my advice anyway :)

good luck!

TeuS 13th November 2005 00:48


Originally posted by djivesp
**:ws:** wow, thats insane !!!

do you have a link to that ?!

it's some guy on procooling... hes done quite some nice stuff, including a CPU block with one big inlet and four small outlets. IIRC

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