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Awesome stepping! it hits @ default voltage 1700Mhz stable! with just aircooling... very impressive! :D

Just installed an Alpha PAL8045
I broke the 10k barrier :)

still at max voltage of the mobo (1.85v) I got it now stable
around 1785Mhz

XP1600+ @ 1785Mhz
Alpha PAL8045
Epox 8KHA+
Corsair 256mb XMS PC2400

Geforce 3 Ti 500 (for 3dmark purposes :)

I can boot into windows @ ~1800Mhz, but I need more vcore to
get it to run stable :)

Check out my previous highest overclock of this XP1600+ with a SK6 from thermalright!

Go to the HWFAQ where I followed the guides to get this result :)