iLuv outs Bluetooth speaker trio: Mo'Beats HD, MobiCup and MobiOut

@ 2013/01/06
Now that Bluetooth speakers are all the rage, iLuv is looking to add to its lineup of said offerings just before the official start of CES. First, the Mo'Beats HD wireless unit features SRS WOW tech and a 3.5mm aux jack for wired streaming. The gadget also touts a space that will cradle that handset or slate while The Black Keys are blasting. Next, the Bluetooth-wielding MobiCup is designed to get cozy in that beach chair this summer with 360-degree speakers, built-in microphone, top-mounted controls and splash-resistant buttons to keep things dry (to a certain extent, of course). Last but not least, the MobiOut (pictured above) is also splash-resistant and sports a built-in mic, but this unit boasts Jump-start tech that will offer a quick charge in a pinch and deeper bass tones alongside high-fidelity sound. The MobiCup is priced at $59.99 and the MobiOut at $129.99, however there's no pricing info on the Mo'Beats HD just yet. While the former two speakers will arrive later this month, the latter is scheduled for May. For a look at the entire lot in order of mention, consult the gallery below.

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