Polaroid IM1836 Android-based mirrorless camera appears on Russian site

@ 2012/12/19
It looks like Polaroid's betting big on Android. Judging by a product image and description leaked on a Russian social media site, the company is gearing up to launch an Android-based mirrorless ILC, perhaps as soon as CES. Specs are fairly light, but the compact camera does appear to include an 18-megapixel sensor, a 3.5-inch touchscreen, 10-30mm lens, a pop-up flash, HDMI output and built-in WiFi. As TechRadar points out, the camera looks very similar to the Nikon J1 and J2, and it also features a kit lens with the same zoom range. That's not to suggest that this shooter will share components with its pint-sized counterpart, but we wouldn't rule it out entirely, especially considering that Polaroid doesn't have its own inventory of interchangeable lenses. There's no release schedule suggested, but the timing is curious, especially considering that the company made its first Android announcement at last year's CES. Will your next mirrorless ILC be a Polaroid?

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