Woz turns into Mystic Meg

@ 2012/12/19
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been shuffling his Tarot cards and looking into his crystal balls to predict what will happen in 2013.

Rather than the world ending on Friday, Woz sees an important year with all the news being about data centre technologies.

According to Forbes, Woz believes that mobile devices will eventually become the "remote controls" of the world and data centre technologies will be to 2013 what the cloud will be to 2012.

He said more focus will be paid to enterprise data center technologies because of the improving ability to use the data centre proactively.

There will be a rapid move from hard disk to NAND flash memories in the data centre, which is drastically improving performance, reliability and the ability to distribute everything through virtual machines, said Woz. He thinks this will lead to the de-centralisation of cloud services.

Woz said that enterprises with different offices in multiple cities will run the same cloud services out of each office and have the cloud services talk to each other to ensure synchronisation, improving overall efficiency.

For all this to work, consumer technologies will have to control the direction of the enterprise, with individual hardware, software and service components influencing the direction of other bits.

This will mean that the Bring Your Own Device trend will gain a lot more traction.

He also claims businesses will learn that it is worth investing resources to provide a wide range of platforms and devices they provide to increase morale and improve efficiency.

'Choice' is happiness and will become a motivational tool enterprises use to their advantage, he added.

Woz thinks that mobile devices will become local repositories for information shared between owners, who'll use those devices to control their environment.

This will lead to a move towards flexible displays, which are installed everywhere.

Woz thinks that we are reaching a tipping point where mobile devices will increasingly become our remote controls to the world.

He said that humanity will carry software on mobile devices, but display it on these communal screens, including those installed in conference rooms.

To do this software will also be designed to display on any size.

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