TCTool: Glonim 1.00

@ 2004/11/12
Glonim is a realtime patch for Windows that adds many "cool" features to the operating system, some probably never seen before. It can:

* Add animations in many styles to when most windows open and close.
* Tile your own bitmap images on the back of windows and application backgrounds.
* Make windows transparent whilst they are being dragged.
* Change the window styles to put shadows behind windows.
* Make the Taskbar partly transparent, adjust it's transparency in realtime, and put a bitmap on it on pre-XP machines.
* Put free memory, the day of the week, or your own custom (short) caption in the Start button.
* Remove the shading behind desktop icon text on Pre-XP systems. 8321
Comment from jmke @ 2004/11/12
looks like a memory and resource hog, by reading its features