Motorola updates its Jelly Bean timetables, puts key upgrades in Q1 2013

@ 2012/12/10
Now that Verizon's most recent Droid RAZR family has had its taste of Jelly Bean, it's time for Motorola to shift focus to the rest of the devices that have made the cut for the upgrade -- and it's doing just that with an updated timetable for the rollout. Among those phones and tablets that aren't already on Android 4.1, only the Atrix HD and Asia-Pacific RAZR HD models should get the refresh before 2012 bows out. A larger contingent that includes the Electrify M, the LTE-equipped Xoom and some international models like the European RAZR i will have to wait until the first quarter of 2013 for their turn. Other devices like the Droid Bionic, original RAZR and Photon Q are still on deck, but don't yet have a schedule. That's not a comforting sign when we could see a version of Android beyond 4.2 in the spring, so we're hoping that Motorola is trying to underpromise now and overdeliver later.

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