Veho Mimi X-3 wireless speaker streams from bundled USB and 30-pin transmitters

@ 2012/12/07
When we hear of a "new way to stream music around your home and garden," bass-heavy speakers disguised as unnaturally large rocks come to mind. It's not entirely clear what type of "garden" the good folks at Veho envisioned for the Mimi X-3, but we'd be willing to bet underground sprinklers and fresh morning dew were never part of the picture. Whatever the venue, this cord-free combo does pack an interesting twist -- a proprietary 2.4GHz wireless transmitter comes bundled in the box, letting your 30-pin dock connector-equipped iOS device stream music 95-120 feet without the need for a WiFi network. The rectangular speaker module itself can pump out tunes through its dual 4.5-watt speakers and 9-watt subwoofer for up to six hours on a full charge, and can receive transmissions from a computer using the bundled USB adapter as well. All those accessories may seem a bit excessive when you see the price, though. The X-3 is shipping now for a hair under $500.

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