Gigabyte 3D Rocket Cooler

@ 2004/11/11
Overall the PCU22-SE performs above expectations. The Zalman CPNS-7000cu is a good HSF with a large fan and a nice design, yet it gets beat out by a unconventional cooling method. The internal impeller/fin/heat pipe design clearly gives many advantages in cooling. A nice benefit of the PCU22-SE is that it is universally adaptable to all sockets and processors and includes everything you need to get going. The design of all of the parts is very good, allowing for easy installation even if you are a novice. The clean design is actually pretty awesome looking when it is mounted to the motherboard, providing windowed cases with a nice view. But above all the heatsink allows you to overclock to a high degree while maintaining a quiet operation. The added benefit of cooling your components around the socket definitely helps. Even though the 3D Rocket Cooler costs ~$60, I think it is well worth the money since it performs well, has a lot of features, and is still very quiet.

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