Philips outs new speaker docks with Lightning connector, prices start from $90

@ 2012/12/06
Docking speakers that are friendly with Cupertino's shiny new Lightning connector are far from being a dime a dozen just yet, which is to be expected given the small amount of time it's been around. Staring today, though, we can add Philips to the small list of companies who are now offering a solution for those of you who would like to turn your iPhone 5 into a modern day alarm clock (among other things, of course). Thankfully, Philips brought plenty to choose from, with the outfit outing the Bedroom DS1155, Room-to-Room DS3205, Portable DS7580 and a high-end Lifestyle Music System DMC2067. These Lightning-equipped iDevice companions will be available this month starting at $90 for the DS1155 and $130 each for both DS3205 and DS7580, while the more powerful DMC2067 is yet to receive a price tag of its own.

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