Crysis 3 to Ship with High-Resolution Textures

@ 2012/12/06
Unlike Crysis 2, which felt rushed in due to the lack of DirectX 11 support and mediocre-looking textures at higher display resolutions, Crysis 3 will come with every feature PC enthusiasts can feed their hardware with, including high-resolution textures. PC Gamer discovered that the retail version of Crysis 3 Advanced Graphics Options menu includes a texture-resolution setting, something the very first version of Crysis 2 lacked, and was made available after a 2-odd gigabyte high-res texture pack add-on was installed. Given its post-apocalyptic urban/tropical setting, we expect the game to have generally high texture variety, especially to make objects such as foliage, natural outgrowth, and destroyed buildings, not to mention worn out urban elements, to look organic.

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