Sony moved 525K PlayStation 3 consoles during Black Friday week, 160K Vitas

@ 2012/11/30
Microsoft and Nintendo aren't the only game console manufacturers enjoying Black Friday frenzy -- Sony today announced that over 525K PlayStation 3 consoles were sold in the US between November 18th and 24th (which includes the big day), adding to the 70 million PS3s in the world. Another 160K PlayStation Vitas were sold between the 19th and 25th, spurred by hefty Sony-backed discounts. The numbers mark a nine percent increase over last year's PS3 sales; as this is the Vita's first Black Friday year, 160K will be the number to beat in 2013. Without offering any actual numbers, Sony also says its PlayStation Plus subscription rate via PlayStation Network increased 259% last week -- it's unclear if this includes the free subs found in many Black Friday bundles and individual games. The service grew considerably recently with the launch of PS Plus on Vita, and bolstered its free game lineup with some of the Vita's best offerings, no doubt attracting many new customers.

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