Galaxy Note II hits 5 million sales

@ 2012/11/27
The Galaxy Note II has done so well that Apple has ordered its legions of lawyers to troll it into a coma.

In less than two months, Samsung has shifted more than five million Note IIs and it looks like it will be the leader during the crucial holiday quarter.

The Note II was released first in South Korea in September and in the US and other countries in the following month. The Note did not have the luxury of positive reviews. At the time many rubbished the size of its screen as too big. It was one of the few 5-inch smartphones in the market when the first model was unveiled last year. Some claimed it was neither a tablet nor a smartphone and would gobble all the way in and out of the shops.

However, it looks like it was ground-breaking and even Apple had to copy it by releasing an iPhone with a bigger screen.

Needless to say Apple is furious that something that it so obviously copied is doing well. It has issued orders to have the phone banned.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Apple insists that Samsung products running on the new Android Jelly Bean operating system, and other products running on the Ice Cream Sandwich system should be added to its long running patent war.

Last week it also asked the court to add the Galaxy S III, running Jelly Bean, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 wi-fi tablet computer, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and the Rugby Pro and Galaxy S III mini and anything else it can't compete with onto the list.

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