Crucial v4 (256GB) Review

@ 2012/11/23
As with virtually all consumer electronics devices, there is market for various types and levels of SSD. Not everyone is ready to pay the premium for the fastest possible SSD but on the other hand, there are users who aren't ready to settle for products meant for the mainstream. Value SSDs have existed for years and we have seen various outcomes, some good and others not so good.

Today we're looking at Crucial's v4, the first value SSD from Crucial. Previously, Crucial's lineup has only consisted of one SSD at a time but that changed when Crucial launched the v4 but kept selling the faster m4 alongside. The v4 uses a somewhat unknown (at least for desktop SSDs) Phison PS3105 controller, which is in fact a SATA 3Gbps controller unlike most modern controllers. Read on to find out how the v4 performs and whether it's worth it to cheap out on an SSD.

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