Kingston PC3200 ValueRAM 1024MB

@ 2004/11/09
CPU-Z 1.24 reported the following information about the memory chips (Crucial on the left, Kingston on the right). Aside from the capacity, the only difference between the two memories is the CL3 latency of the Crucial vs. the CL2.5 of the Kingston. Crucial's DIMMs are single sided 256MB modules, so the density is identical. The ValueRAM is rated at 2.6V, so feel free to bump it up a notch from the (older) standard 2.5V. As far as overclocking goes, it's practically non-existent. I used a Biostar M7NCG nForce2 all-in-one mATX motherboard. Granted, it's not an overclocker's dream, but being the broke college student that I am it's the only board I have access to. Furthermore, few enthusiasts would pay a premium for top-of-the-line components only to skimp on the RAM. I was able to get the memory to post at some pretty impressive settings: 2-3-2-1 at a maximum allowed voltage of 2.8V. Unfortunately that's where the excitement ended. I had to bump them back up significantly to even boot into Windows.

Comment from StaRflaM @ 2004/11/09
it worked on 2.6V

now running 2.5/3-3-6
Comment from StaRflaM @ 2004/11/09
yeah, mine is CL3 to but there are many 2 sorts sold on the market, the CL3 and the CL2.5.

i'll try it later to put it on a 2.6V CL2.5, would be better cause most value ramm sold now is CL2.5
Comment from Da_BoKa @ 2004/11/09
My gb kit from kingston value us cl3.0 not 2.5, I tried to set it to 2.5 but that resulted in a no boot ( didn't try to up the vdimm tough )