Inside Sweden’s Nuclear Bunker Turned Data Center

@ 2012/11/22
A data center inside a decommissioned nuclear bunker is interesting enough, but one that looks as futuristic and awesome as the center under Stockholm begs to be seen.

A hundred feet under the city of Stockholm is a decommissioned nuclear bunker that the government had previously leased out intermittently for various events, but it was never put to serious or extended use. Not until, that is, Jon Karlung discovered the location and brought his vision of an ultra-modern, stylish, and secure data center to life. The passage from Wired’s write up of their photo tour that best encapsulates the feel of the bunker is:

Most often data centers are built in boxy warehouses, so Bahnhof stands out as perhaps the world’s most stylish. In fact, it inspired Cisco IT Architect Douglas Alger to write a book on the world’s best-looking data centers. ”The idea that people were sitting in a design meeting and said, ‘what we need for our data center is waterfalls,’ that must have been a very fascinating discussion,” Alger says.

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