10 reasons NOT to upgrade to Windows XP SP2

@ 2004/11/08
I read this:

1- May make your system run slower 2- Can cause data loss if installation isn't successful 3- Can cause system to be more vulnerable to internet attacks 4- May require you to reactivate your Windows installation 5- Consumes your time and bandwidth when downloading 6- Consumes your time during install 7- Install the pesky Security center 8- Install Windows Firewall, which doesn't really do anything 9- May cause already currently working applications not to work 10- May increase boot up time Of course each of these outcomes will vary from user to user, never the less, it is possible for your system to suffer from any of those 10 reasons.

Comment from wutske @ 2004/11/08
I wasn't realy defending his point, it was just to show that nobody (ok, maybe w/ a PII and a GF2 ) would notice it and that most of the difference is within the faultmargin.
Comment from jmke @ 2004/11/08
1) http://kama.sarcnet.com/xpsp1vsxpsp2_page1.html

except for the freak Aquamark result I would not call 1-3% a huge slowdown, or even at all. not noticable, that's for sure
Comment from wutske @ 2004/11/08
1) http://kama.sarcnet.com/xpsp1vsxpsp2_page1.html
2) http://cquirke.mvps.org/sp2intel.htm , but, everything you upgrade can cause data loss, so don't nagg
3) There are some security flaws in SP2, so what, alot got cured and Win always has holes somewhere
4) activition ? never needed that
5) reading this 'article' too
6) Ok, it takes a lot of time, but dude, what is 30min in a whole life
7) this is realy something for people who don't know a thing about security. Now they can learn the risks and learn how to secure themselves. By doing so, there are less vulnerable people and less virus/hacker problems. (costing billions btw)
8) You're not forced to use it
9) right
10) One second ??? , oeh, shocking

But, I still don't use SP2 and I'm not realy thinking about installing it (winxp install is already screwed here and I need a fresh install)