2004 SEMA Show Coverage

@ 2004/11/08
The Tech Zone heads to Las Vegas to bring you coverage of the 2004 SEMA Show. They got pics of some of the hottest cars, trucks and booth babes.

The SEMA Show is to the aftermarket car industry like E3 is to the interactive game industry. If you're into cars then you can't miss the SEMA Show that is held every year in Las Vegas. Now you might ask why The Tech Zone covers the SEMA Show? After all, SEMA doesn't have that much to do with computer technology. We cover the SEMA Show because our founder and editor in chief happens to be a car nut (hence the "Moto" nickname) and this site is very much a reflection of his interests. Not that we would ever complain about going to Las Vegas to take pictures of hot cars and hotter women!

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