Nexus 4 backordered, expected to ship within three weeks

@ 2012/11/16
We knew the Nexus 4 would be a no-brainer -- a quad-core phone with stock Android 4.2 and 720p display is a steal at $300 without a contract -- but the fact that the Play Store sold out in record time indicates that the masses have literally bought in to the idea as well. It appears, though, that the device was even more popular than even Google could have imagined: several of our readers who had successfully ordered a unit have just received an email from Google explaining that the product is backordered and is expected to ship out "within three weeks." To help ease the pain, Google has agreed to waive shipping charges and will make it easy for early adopters to cancel their order in case they find a unit at a local T-Mobile dealer. Head past the break to see the email in its entirety.

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