Chaintech GeForce 6600GT 128MB PCI-Express review

@ 2004/11/08
Chaintech is the fastest growing motherboard, graphic card, and IA manufacturer in the world! While global tech sales have steadily decreased over the past year, Chaintech has had an astonishing growth of 23% in second half over first half of 2002. What makes Chaintech so distinguished? In the past 17 years, Chaintech has devoted to develop the most innovative and customer-oriented products based on their most professional and experienced R&D team. Pioneered by our R&D team, everyone in Chaintech faces the dynamic and exhilarating IT market with alertness and global view. They work based on the principle of keeping everything the most up-to-date. In the Year 2002, Chaintech has won the battle in the retail market by introducing APOGEE and ZENITH series motherboards which highly impressed worldwide media and end users. Continued with the splendid start of 2002, Chaintech will bring you more surprises and uniqueness in 2003 and carry out the idealism of "affordable technology!" The Chaintech GeForce 6600GT 128MB fully supports the newest PC architecture standard – PCI Express with the ability to send and receive data simultaneously at twice the speed of current AGP 8x solutions.

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