HP's Todd Bradley isn't impressed by Surface, doesn't see it as competition

@ 2012/11/16
Microsoft was warned of how its homegrown tablet might impact OEM relationships, and even acknowledged the challenge itself, but HP doesn't see it the same way. In a recent interview, the head of HP's PC arm Todd Bradley repeated the company's unconcerned stance -- if a little more bluntly -- saying, "I'd hardly call Surface competition." He pinned it on "very limited distribution," and that the pricey tablet "tends to be slow and a little kludgey as you use it." His feelings on the OS were also unfavorable -- "I'm not a big [Windows] RT fan either, by the way." -- and he had some choice words for potential customers: "If you want to go to any of the 30 Microsoft Stores in the United States to buy one, I think you should probably do that." Needless to say, we don't think Todd's sold on the Surface, or worried about competitive tussles when HP adds consumer tablets to its line-up next year (did someone say fire sale?). For the whole transcript, which includes a perfectly worded non-comment about HP's future smartphone plans, see the source below.

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