Google adds Earth support and usability tweaks to Drive, new search options in Gmail

@ 2012/11/15
Google doesn't usually buy into the whole "lets package a bunch of new features into a major upgrade" thing. So, while the ability to search your Gmail based on the size of a message or have finer grained control over the time-related filters may not seem like a huge deal, remember this tiny new tweak is part of a laundry list of improvements made over the last year. The crew at Mountain View hasn't forgotten about Drive either. Starting today you can now search documents according to the names of people you've shared them with and even open up Google Earth files (.kml and .kmz) right in your browser. A number of small usability improvements have also been made, including the ability to create a new folder right from the organize pane (finally!). You can even drag and drop entire folders from your desktop to Drive, so long as you're running Chrome. For a few more details check out the source links.

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