Chaintech Apogee AA6800

@ 2004/11/08
NVIDIA and ATI launched their latest line of graphics cards a while back, which swayed the industry in a swish. These new wonders, from both companies, were allowing twice as much performance as their predecessors. Both companies were back to tackling each other in performance and value to gain more consumership and we must admit that NVIDIA definitely proved themselves with the introduction of their 6800 series of video cards. ATI was ahead and was beating NVIDIA for the past 18 months or so; however, NVIDIA is much stronger than it was previously. If you remember, it was not too long ago when NVIDIA released newer GPUs and ATI had something better to offer to the market. NVIDIA never seemed to grasp the performance concept with their previous generation of graphics cards. Even NVIDIA’s CEO admitted to the fierce competition from ATI and stated that NVIDIA was forwarding its efforts into developing next generation of GPUs. It was wise of NVIDIA to foresee the future and develop better products for upcoming platforms. All this competition only means better products at lower prices for end consumers. It’s us, the consumers, who get to feel the joy of competition in the end.

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