Sprint quietly launches ZTE Flash with 12.6MP camera and vanilla(ish) Android

@ 2012/11/14
Sprint and ZTE decided not to hold a fancy get together to announce the Flash. Heck, there wasn't even really proper PR. The ICS-sporting handset simply popped up in the online store and a spec sheet was sent out over the wire for those interested enough in mid-range Android devices to pay attention. The leak that caught our attention a couple of weeks back turns out to be spot on -- the 4.5-inch phone is running what looks to be a pretty vanilla build of Ice Cream Sandwich on a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon and 1GB of RAM. There's also plenty of little niceties included, like NFC (fingers crossed for Google Wallet!), Bluetooth 4.0, LTE and a microSD expansion slot to complement the reasonably paltry 8GB of internal storage. Oh, and that display -- it's IPS and HD, so expect nice viewing angles and crisp images. The two biggest bullet points here, though, are the eco-friendly design and that massive 12.6 megapixel sensor. You can pick one up now for $130 with a $50 mail-in rebate. The complete data sheet awaits you after the break.

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