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@ 2004/11/07
When I bought my Xbox a couple of years ago, my first game was Halo. I didn’t know much about it but it had some good reviews. On the first level (Pillar of Autumn), I had to get used to the controller and it didn’t go very well, and I didn’t like the game very much at all, so I went back to my PC. The day after I thought: ‘I paid for this game. I have to play it’. I put in the game disk again, and got started on the ‘Halo’ level. I got out of the escape pod, and was actually amazed by the enviroment. It wasn’t some dull spaceship but a big open enviroment with little streams and big waterfalls, though I didn’t have much time to take a good look, as covenant forces were on their way. I ran ahead shooting at some covenant troops, and suddenly I heard human weapons gunfire. Around the corner there was a squad of marines fighting off the alien bad guys.

I helped them out and they started to explain that there were more escape pods crashed in the region. Before I knew it a plane flew by and dropped a warthog (an all terrain futuristic jeep). I climbed in the driver’s seat, and a marine came to sit next to me, and another climbed behind the gun emplacement in the back. Then I drove off and ended up participating in a huge adventure.

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Men of Valor

Vietnam is a common gaming subject nowadays. We have played many Vietnam based games, like Battlefield Vietnam - released some months ago - Vietcong, Line of Sight, and Conflict: Vietnam.

Unfortunately, games set during infamous wars, haven't succeeded in the past. However, Vietnam War games still keep coming and we must give 2015 some credit for leaving its WW2 roots (remember, that they developed the very successful "Medal of Honor Allied Assault") and undertake this new project.