6" TFT LCD Monitor Review + Two NEW 6" LCD Mod Guides

@ 2004/11/06
American Freak puts the 6" TFT LCD monitor from Parts Express through its paces in our latest review. Not to spoil the review for you, but the staff of CMG (three of us and counting) that have bought one love it... for little more than the cost of a Matrix Orbital or CrystalFontz display you can instead have a second, fully functional and full color, case mounted monitor... First up is American Freaks Lexan case LCD mod showing how to utilize the little monitor in an acrylic case, and next is MARKLARs three bay LCD mod revision two, simplifying the original three bay mod so that it requires no cutting to be done to the case.

Review Link: http://www.casemodgod.com/6_tft_lcd_monitor.htm
Guides Link:

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