Sony intros 17-inch VAIO E17 multimedia laptop

@ 2012/10/12
If you cried when Sony discontinued its performance-heavy VAIO F Series, it looks like the company's marketing team heard your complaints: Sony just announced the VAIO E17, the closet thing it's had to a proper multimedia machine since discontinuing the F line. As the name suggests, the E17 (pictured) has a 17-inch panel, which is good news for anyone who's gone shopping for an oversized notebook lately -- there simply aren't that many non-gaming-laptops this size. As befits a system in this class, it has a 1080p screen, and can be configured with a quad-core Core i7 processor and discrete AMD Radeon HD graphics. Meanwhile, Sony also announced that it's going to offer the existing VAIO E14P with a touchscreen -- a $100 upgrade. Look for both of these to land before the end of the month, with the E14P starting at $690 (sans touchscreen) and the E17 going for $730 and up.

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