Asus K8N-E with the nForce 250gb Ultra Chipset

@ 2004/11/02
This is the first A64 board I have reviewed and it started out pretty well. Taking time off and then suddenly jumping into the AMD A64 world is pretty interesting. Motherboard manufacturers have been able to produce some great boards with awesome features. There are many more manufacturers than before, but Asus has consistently shined. They have been able to produce the K8N-E as a fully featured S754 board that is able to push it up to the highest standards of HT along with a great feature set that includes integrated firewall's and other bells and whistles.

Performance wise the motherboard is great. I was able to test the different settings that now run asynchronously, such as 1:1 memory settings in relation to HT, the multiplier settings, and the HT multiplier. Being able to run at 250x4 with a 10x CPU multi and 1:1 ram settings, or running at 262x9.5 at 3, you can tweak the processor to get the best settings for you. One of the longest awaited features of the nForce3 250gb was the AGP/PCI lock, enabling the FSB to be pumped up beyond the limits of some slower or out of standard cards, these locks work perfectly and enables tweakers to get a lot more out of their boards.


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