Silverstone TJ08-E m-ATX Tower Case Review @Hi Tech Legion

@ 2012/10/08
The Silverstone TJ08-E is a small case that makes incredible use of the space given. Where most smaller form factor cases fall short, the Silverstone TJ08-E excels in fitting larger components into a case specifically made for m-ATX, ITX and DTX motherboards and cooling them all very well. Using a very unique inversed layout and single AP181 180mm fan the TJ08-E can easily house GPUs up to 13.25” and CPU Coolers up to 165mm in height, all in a 210mm (W) x 374mm (H) x 385mm (D) chassis. In addition to merely fitting them, the TJ08-E offers supports for the CPU cooler to reduce motherboard strain as well as GPU support for longer cards to prevent flex. The AP181 180mm Air Penetrator Series fan at the front is aligned perfectly with the CPU for incredible cooling potential, while the case’s positive pressure and dust filters at every intake keep the inside of the TJ08-E much less susceptible to unwanted dust. SSD mounting to the bottom of the case frees up the three drive HDD cage and one fixed 3.5” slot for larger drives.

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