ARIS 100-watt wireless speaker shipping for $499 with DLNA and Windows 8 certif.

@ 2012/10/08
If you're on the look-out for a decently boombastic wireless speaker but can't quite stump up three grand for the latest B&O, then perhaps the ARIS from Aperion Audio is worth a gander. Having finally emerged from pre-order status, it's available from Amazon and other retailers priced at $499, which gets you a 100-watt (RMS) output from six internal speakers housed in a 15-inch wide single-piece aluminum enclosure held up on a red wire frame. The ARIS handles regular DLNA and is also certified to with work with Windows 7 and 8 sources over your home WiFi network -- just in case you should happen to have any cash left after that pricey Surface Pro.

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