Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard Detailed

@ 2012/10/05
Microsoft Hardware is working on is working on a new ergonomic PC keyboard that changes keyboard design for the better. Instead of all keys being arranged on the same plane, they are arranged along slopes, improving ergonomics. The Sculpt Comfort is also one of the first keyboards to feature Windows 8 logo on its Start key. It features a total of 107 keys in the common QWERTY layout. The Sculpt Comfort is a wireless desktop keyboard, measuring 213 x 453 x 33 mm (WxLxH). It is powered by two AAA-size batteries, and uses 2.4 GHz wireless band to communicate with the host, with a range of up to 10 m. Pictured below is the English + Japanese IME variant, which is slated for October 19.

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