Rosewill RHTS-12002 DJ Headphone Review @ Hi Tech Legion

@ 2012/10/05
The new Rosewill RHTS-12002 DJ Headphones address the needs of the DJ as well as the casual listener. The Rosewill RHTS-12002 DJ Headphones address the basic needs of volume, isolation and one ear flexibility. The Rosewill RHTS-12002 are closed ear headphones, which means that the padded cup around the ear is made to block out exterior sounds. This is of high importance as a DJ will need to hear one song that is cueing while another is playing in the open. Isolation and good volume are especially important for this. Naturally, the padded cup also adds to comfort for periods of long wear, and Rosewill adds floating earpieces, adjustable headband and padding to further the comfort level. The right ear cup is able to swing away for one ear listening in order to sync tracks. An 8’ long cord with 3.5mm connector (1/4” adapter included) allows for mobility while wearing. While DJ headphones don’t necessarily require it, Rosewill adds 20-20K response for increased accuracy.

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