Siliconarts Announces 'RayCore' Real-Time Ray Tracing GPU

@ 2012/10/04
Siliconarts Inc., a Korean tech startup, developed RayCore, the real-time ray tracing graphics processor (GPU) for the first time in graphics hardware history. RayCore is the next-generation GPU that is used in rendering high-quality 3D graphics whose graphics performance surpasses that of rasterization GPU approach.

Mostly utilized in Hollywood studios in creating huge contents such as "Toy Story" and "Avatar," realistic effects are the key to differentiating the features of ray tracing technology compared to a rasterization approach. However, ray tracing was only implemented using software due to the limitations to process exponential calculations, to equip with highly expensive series of rendering gears and to process and the wait for significantly longer rendering times. In addition, it was not even implemented on a real-time basis.

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