Dell U2713HM - Unbeatable performance out of the box

@ 2012/10/04
When you look at the 27” panels on the market today, they virtually all use a panel from LG. Samsung has their own PLS panels, but otherwise almost everyone with a 2560x1440 panel is using one from LG, with either LED or CCFL backlighting. When the main component of any screen is the same as every competitor, it can be harder to differentiate yourself from the pack. We see NEC offer flexibility, uniformity and control beyond the other vendors, though at a price. Nixeus offers us a panel with the features and build taken down to a level that lets it beat everyone on price.

Dell seems to almost always focus on trying to find the sweet spot for value and features in their display line. They don’t make panels to compete with NEC, but they generally aren’t trying to compete with comapnies like Nixeus. The Dell U2713HM is their newest 27” panel, though it doesn’t replace the U2711. That model still has a larger AdobeRGB color gamut as well as more inputs and features in comparison to the U2713HM, and it maintains a higher retail price. So what does the Dell U2713HM offer, and where does it fit into the world of 27” displays?

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