Pacific Fighters

@ 2004/11/01
All in all, this effort from 1C Maddox positively reeks of being
a rushed job. No doubt UbiSoft's thinking is to get the game out before
people go and blow their money on Half Life 2 and Christmas. If Ubi had
an inkling of what their fans for this series is like, they'd know that
the fans will buy this no matter when the game comes out. It would've
been far better to have actually play tested this game and eliminated
enough of the bugs to make it playable than to have released this poor
effort, especially since Ubi thinks they can demand a full game price
for unfinished work. If I were you, I'd wait until the game is patched
to a playable level before investing. Save your pennies for Half Life 2
and make Ubi wait for your cash until they give you something worth the
£35 they're asking.


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