Super Flower Unveiles its Fanless 80 Plus Platinum PSU

@ 2012/10/03
Super Flower unveiled its first 80 Plus Platinum-compliant fanless (silent) PSU. The SF-500P14FG 500W PSU features modular cabling, with enough connectors for a dual-GPU gaming PC. The SF-500P14FG features active PFC, LLC half-bridge resonant circuitry, synchronous rectifiers, DC-to-DC switching, and a single +12V rail design. The fan makes way for a chunky metal heatsink with vents. The heatsink directly draws heat from hot components such as FETs and rectifying bridge. Available with 5-year or lifetime warranty options, the SF-500P14FG will be introduced in the Chinese market, starting at 799 RMB (US $127).

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