Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

@ 2004/11/01
For many gamers, the Grand Theft Auto series is one of the greatest of
all time. So it's not surprising when Rockstar Games announced GTA: San
Andreas that first week sales were expected to reach $225 Million. But why
will the game sell so well? Why did I wait in front of EB Games for over
an hour before they opened their doors and another 30 minutes in line to
actually purchase the game? And why did the people in line behind me wait
up to 2 hours to get their copies? For me, it wasn\'t the hype surrounding
the game; instead, it was the fresh new environments to play in, to have
more missions, to play the mini-games, and just to see what Rockstar could
possibly do to improve on what was already one of the top selling video
games for the PS2...


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