Intel 3.46 & 925 Chipset - from Viperlair & Tweaknews

@ 2004/11/01
The increased FSB appears to make the most difference when it comes to
memory bandwidth tests. Application and games do show an improvement, but
to a much lesser effect. Put it this way, if you already own a fast
Prescott setup, regardless if it's an Extreme Edition or not, we do not
feel that the 3.46GHz Extreme Edition brings enough to the table to
warrant a platform change. The 925XE we'll have to keep an eye on, as it
may have the potential to be quite overclocker friendly for 800MHz FSB

So to boil this conclusion into the Cliff's notes version all I can say is if you have the excess capital and want the fastest Intel based computer on the market, then this would be your baby. But if you consider the price for this new processor to be way out of your league, don't worry, you are comfortably amongst the 90% of us in your same financial boat that should consider the drastically cheaper LGA775 Prescott for more bang for the buck

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