Scythe FCS-50 Heatlane vs. Scythe Samurai

@ 2004/10/31
Some time ago we had a exzelenten radiator from the house Scythe with the Ncu-2000 with us in the test, which stands out from the layout and the turning ducks Heatlane technology, as well as the outstanding passive characteristics from the mass of the radiators.
With the Fcs-50 and the Samurai we have today two further radiators of the Japanese company in the test. The Samurai represents the successor also in Germany quite admitted Kamakaze of radiator, against what the Fcs-50 of the Design rather, as also the Ncu-2000 appears rather self-willed, and constructs on the innovative Heatlane technology. Both radiators have adjustable exhausts, whereby in the theory the application type is given in a silent system. Whether thereby also still the efficiency is correct will show up, in the following test report.

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