OCZ PC3700 Platinum Review

@ 2004/10/31
I would highly recommend the OCZ PC-3700 Platinum DDR memory to anyone seeking above and beyond what the product advertises. This enhanced latency memory is specified to run at DDR 466MHz. Does it really reach latencies as low as CL 2-3-3-8? The answer is an emphatic yes. As seen by my benchmarks I was able to run the modules in dual channel with PAT enabled o*n a Canterwood motherboard, at nearly DDR500 (DDR498) speeds with 2-3-3-8 timings. As I relaxed the timings, I was able to run the modules at and slightly above DDR560 speeds which is incredible performance. Considering these results were obtained o*n a test bench o*n air, I know they’ll probably go higher for those running phase change or water cooling solutions. I found that these particular Samsung K4H560838F-TCCD IC’s did not crave higher voltage (in fact the performance worsened slightly at or above 2.90v o*n the Vdimm voltage). For anyone looking for high speed low latency memory for either a Pentium IV or an AthlonXP/Athlon64 platform, these modules will scream speed and produce spectacular results for you.


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Comment from kristos @ 2004/11/01
I had to work with those this sunday but I couldn't get them to perform on the setup.

1 of my XP-M 2400+ 35W cpu's
DFI LP rev A
OCZ 470 psu
OCZ PC3700 EL plat @2.8v bios (highest that bios would allow)

238 was the highest I could reach stable at 2-3-3-11

loosening the timings didn't help.

offcourse, it may be the mobo, it may be the mobile (couldn't get past 240'ish on my nf7 eather)...