Saitek PZ09A - Notebook Subwoofer

@ 2004/10/30
Sometimes very odd and unexpected products turn up in our offices here at TrustedReviews and the Saitek PZ09A notebook subwoofer is one of those products. But just because you don’t expect something, doesn’t mean that it’s not a good or in fact, a welcome idea.

The tricky thing here is how to actually review a product such as this, since there is very little to it, and even less to compare it to, but here goes anyway. The device itself is the size of a CD in diameter but it stands about 4cm tall and looks like a classic flying saucer – the kind you see in 50's Sci-Fi movies. The colour scheme is a mix of silver and blue with a lighter blue cover over the top mounted speaker - but Saitek seems to have forgotten to fit blue LEDs for a full UFO effect.

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