OCZ Memtest86 v1.00

@ 2004/10/30
Built onto the core of newly released Memtest86+ v1.27 package, the OCZ Memtest86 v1.0 package contains the following additional functionality:

* Timing adjustment support for nVidia nForce2, Intel i865/i875, Intel i915/i925 chipsets, and the AMD Athlon64 on-die memory controller

* Full timing adjustment is available on the nForce2, i865/i875, and i915/i925 (DDR1 modules only) chipsets (tCAS, tRCD, trp, tRAS).

* Partial timing adjustment is available on the AMD Athlon64 and the i915/i925 chipset using DDR2 modules. All timings except CAS latency can be set.

* More AMD64 specific options for fine-tuning the memory controller also known as “Alpha Tweaks.”

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