Halo 2 Screens, Port Royale 2 Review, CS:Source Maps

@ 2004/10/29
(1) 110 Halo 2 Screenshots:

Quote: " We received a (rar) file with lots of in-game Halo 2 footage. On the screenshots you can see several single-player levels played with both the Masterchief and the Elite. There are not only single-player screens, but also multiplayer screenshots. You can see ghosts, warthogs and bangee’s. You can see how someone gets a familiar “Running Riot”, which is always a good thing if you’re the one getting it. More familiar things like sticky grenades and the rocket launcher, which is know homing can be seen on the screens we received. Halo 2 looks great and it looks like Bungie did a great job in keeping the real Halo feeling in it. You’ll probably recognize the multi-player level, because it’s the new version of the most played multi-player level of the original Halo…. guess which level it that is ... "

Link: http://www.gameconnect.info/modules....rticle&sid=650

(2) New CS: Source Map Addons:

Quote: "About 15 different CounterStrike Source Maps available, including textures, sounds and more. Just extract the folders with all the files to"

Link: http://www.gameconnect.info/modules....rticle&sid=649

(3) Port Royale Review:

Quote: "There is only one place in the world where one can find tropical waters, white rum, big glistening metal cannons, huge wooden ships and men who aren't afraid to say 'Aaar!', or 'Shiver me timbers!': the Caribbean."


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